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Gregg Dunnett's debut novel The Wave at Hanging Rock has had over a quarter of a million downloads since its release in 2016. It's received over a thousand 5 star reviews across worldwide Amazon sites, been nominated for the Chanticleer best thriller of 2017 and been translated into Russian and Spanish. Read it here:

The Wave at Hanging Rock

Gregg's second book, The Desert Run has over two hundred five star reviews (average 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.co.uk) You can get it free by signing up to his Reader email group.

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The Desert Run

What does it take for an ordinary guy to do something extraordinary? 

Meet Jake. He’s looking to use his new degree in Economics and Business Studies. But he can’t get a job and a mountain of student debt is threatening to overwhelm him.

And when the ordinary life he has planned doesn’t much impress the girl of his dreams, he starts to consider his best friend’s idea to get rich quick. After all, it’s only a little bit illegal, and they're smart enough to not get caught. . .
The Desert Run is an intriguing and suspenseful thriller charting how one young man succumbs to the siren call of adventure. 

One little crime doesn't make you a criminal. Does it?

The Desert Run is available now on Amazon Kindle.

The Wave at Hanging Rock

Jesse and his friends are the only kids who surf in a small beach town. But as they grow, so does the popularity of their sport, and they soon become anxious to protect their waves. And when the boys discover a perfect surfing wave hidden inside a private estate, they agree to do anything to keep their secret safe.

Natalie’s life is torn apart when her husband is lost at sea in circumstances that don’t make sense. Her search to discover his fate puts her on a collision course with Jesse in a way that neither could imagine, and nobody can control.

The Wave at Hanging Rock is a tense and surprising psychological thriller that will grip you from the very first line, and keep you guessing till the very last page.

The Wave at Hanging Rock is available now on Amazon.

Windsurf Round Britain

Long Standing Ambition is an account of one man’s solo windsurfing journey around the coast of Great Britain. It is written by Jono Dunnett, Gregg’s older brother, who recently became the first person to complete this mission (and the first to attempt it as well). Sleeping either under his sail, or relying on the kindness of strangers, Jono took to the water alone, in all weathers, over 98 days during what passed for a summer in 2015. It’s more than a blow by blow account of what happened (although it’s packed full of surprises, setbacks, wonders, dangers and those fortunate chance encounters that mark out proper adventures). It’s also a deeply insightful take on why some people take on crazy challenges, and what it means to achieve them. 

Gregg played the role of telephone support on Jono’s adventure, being on hand for anything from up-to-the minute weather forecasts, advice on avoiding military exclusion areas or suggestions on where the nearest shop might be.

You can get Jono's book now on Amazon.

Long Standing Ambition

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It’s that time of year that children dread and parents dream of… The end of the summer holidays! I’ve taken an enforced break from writing over the summer which was a bit frustrating because I got so close to the end of book 3 before the holidays started, and now I’ve forgotten what’s supposed to happen. But I did my best to enjoy six weeks of full-time parenting, and we also got away for a couple of weeks which was nice.

I can’t quite believe it, but the arrival of September also means it’s a year since The Wave at Hanging Rock was published. It doesn’t feel that long,…

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Don't miss this its a real treat. I couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end. The character's are well drawn and you feel as if you know them well. There lies the rub. If this is Gregg's first outing and can capture a girl who doesn't get surfing at ALL bring on the next. The surfing underpins the whole thing and there's explanatory surf tips which were so well done they add a resonance. I wouldn't ever have imagined I'd rave about a book of this kind but its much more than you'd expect. I've given it a 5 star by my own rating of 'Will I miss it when it ends?' And yes I certainly do…

- Cal Turton in Amazon